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Sharon Rosenbloom therapist sugar queen bereavement grief and loss neurodiversity

I am Sharon Rosenbloom 


In 2002 my world was completely turned up upside down. After a long battle with cancer, my husband sadly passed away at the young age of 41, and I was 39. Never in my wildest dreams was I prepared emotionally , physically or psychologically for the journey ahead with 2 young children who were also grieving. 


Grief is a journey which can be very dark and painful. For me that was when my light and fire completely burnt out. Everyone is unique and we all grieve differently. 


Like the Japanese art Kintsuigi which puts broken pieces of a bowl back together with Gold.  I believe it’s my souls purpose in life to support,  guide and encourage you to move forward with your life in healthy ways. 


I was also a chocoholic, and in 2020 I gave up chocolate and now all refined sugar.

When we went into the pandemic I said I would rather die than give up chocolate.  Everyone was queuing at the supermarket for toilet paper and pasta, I queued for over 2 hours for chocolate. I now feel like I have been released from prison and I call that the sugar prison. I feel inner peace and inner joy.


I am an accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor specialising in bereavement, grief and loss. 

A Hypnotherapist. 

A life coach specialising in wellness and sugar dependency 

An Integrated Holistic Natropath 

A best selling International author 


I use different modalities, depending on what your needs are at the time. 

I call my approach Rose in Bloom Therapies, which includes Person Centred,  CBT, Psychodynamic , Gestalt, Exposure therapy and Coaching


I am passionate to support you to go from adversity to personal growth and healing, to feel empowered and free.


You can find out more about me here: 

Please connect with me for a chat to see how I can support you.

​To find out more, or to book an appointment, call 07379 278139, or fill in the contact form below, and we'll get back to you.

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