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Hi, I'm Sinitha.


As an Integrative therapeutic counsellor, I use a range of theoretical approaches to help you reach your goals of therapy. Whether it is feeling unsure of the future, family-related stress or wanting help with anxiety, help is at hand and we will go at your pace.


We all learn, process and grow in different ways and at different paces, and I will take your lead in what works best for you and what you want to talk about. Counselling encourages you to be autonomous, so that you are able to make decisions about yourself and your life. You may have questions about the present, future or past, and counselling gives you the space and time to explore this with a non-judgemental and empathetic individual.

I see you as a unique person, with nuanced experiences and perspectives. Taking this into account, I help to facilitate a sense of self that is meaningful to you, with regards to personal and cultural context. Diversity in cultural and socio-economic backgrounds between you and I will not hinder my capacity to empathise with your circumstance and I am committed to seeking clarification if I find myself with incomplete knowledge.

The foundation to my approach is through the relationship we have together, and it is important that we are able to organically grow a trusting and honest relationship. I endeavour to create a non-judgemental and open space for you to feel comfortable doing this. Our therapeutic relationship is the essence from which therapeutic change takes place.

Deciding to begin therapy and choosing a therapist may appear overwhelming, especially if this is the first experience. You may not be absolutely sure what you would like to talk about in counselling initially, and maybe just curious about how it could positively impact your life and mental health. My work is always client-led, so you decide the short term and long term agendas for our sessions. I appreciate that these can change throughout the therapeutic process, and I warmly welcome you to present new themes as and when you would like to.

To find out more or to book an appointment, please call 07379 278139 or fill in the contact form below and we'll come back to you asap.

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