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Tazreen Chowdhry child and adult therapist person centred muslim counsellor

About me

The best part of my job is I get the honour to walk alongside my client throughout their healing journey, I love to see my clients at the other side of the rainbow where they no longer require my support. I am a qualified counsellor and work in person as well as remotely.


As a Person Centred counsellor, my aim is to provide you with an environment to gather your thoughts with the guidance of the therapeutic approach. I will aim to facilitate you with a non-judgemental space, helping you explore your concerns, anxieties and discomforts. Together we will work towards relieving you of these unhelpful thoughts in order to help you strive and become the happiest and most content version of yourself.


I have experience working in bereavement, anxiety and depression and trauma, however not limited to the above. I have also worked with children around schools in London, something which I really enjoyed. 


Belonging to a culture full of expectations and strong values, I am able to relate to issues which people face on a day to day basis when trying to escape such strong beliefs in order to find themselves.


Working alongside new mothers is also an area which I am passionate about and can understand the challenges faced around PND and the challenges a new family faces.


I am happy to offer a free 20 minutes consultation for us both to understand what you would like to explore in your sessions and to see if we can establish a working relationship.


I offer counselling in English and Bengali.

To find out more, or to book an appointment, call 07379 278139, or fill in the contact form below, and we'll get back to you.

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